Pitu Danish nonsense syllable

This is the homepage for the Pitu Danish nonsense syllable project.

The Pitu speech material consists of recordings of nonsense syllables spoken by 27 native talkers of Danish made in an anechoic chamber. 17 Danish consonants were used [ptkbdgfsvmnrlhjSW] (notation described in (Henrichsen, 2007), special version of SAMPA). One of three vowels [iau] followed the initial consonant (vowel [a] = [z] in the notation of Henrichsen (2007)). A second syllable [tu] followed the CV-syllables in order to ensure that no token was "accidentally" a Danish word. Each syllable was repeated three times following the standard intonation pattern for Danish (falling F0). Please refer to the documentation for further details.

An introduction to the speech corpus can be found in this pdf file.

Use of the material

The material is intended for scientific use. Please feel free to use the it any way you like. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 You can help the project by notifying us about any research you publish using this material. Please send an email to "tuc at".

The idea is that as more and more data about the material is collected it is summarised on this website.

Please click this link to go to the Download site were both sound and additional documentation can be found. The directory and file name structure is explained in the readme.txt file.


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