Applies to version: 0.9.7

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TRANSPOSEDTONE - Transposed tone test stimuli


ts = transposedtone(fc,fm,dur,fs);

Input parameters

siglen Length of signal
fc Vector of carrier frequencies (Hz)
fm Vector of modulation frequencies (Hz)
fs Sampling frequency (Hz)

Output parameters

outsig transposed tone (column vector)


transposedtone(siglen,fc,fm,dur,fs) generates a transposed tone test stimuli as defined in Kolrausch et. al (1997).

By default, the output is normalized to have an RMS value of 1, but this can be changed by passing any of the flags from the normalize function.

Some example parameters as used in a study by Santurette:

siglen = 44100;
fc     = 5000;
fm     = 435;
fs     = 44100;
outsig = transposedtone(fc,fm,dur,fs);


A. Kohlrausch, R. Fassel, M. Heijden, R. Kortekaas, S. Par, A. Oxenham, and D. Puschel. Detection of tones in low-noise noise: Further evidence for the role of envelope fluctuations. Acta Acustica united with Acoustica, 83(4):659-669, 1997.

A. Oxenham, J. Bernstein, and H. Penagos. Correct tonotopic representation is necessary for complex pitch perception. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101(5):1421-1425, 2004.