Citing a model from the AMT

If you use a model available in the AMT, cite the paper describing the model and the AMT providing the implementation.

For example, when using the auditory-nerve bruce2018 from the AMT 1.0 in your research, you could write:

The peripheral processing was performed with the auditory-nerve model (Bruce et al., 2018) implemented in the auditory modeling toolbox (AMT) version 1.2 (Majdak et al., 2022).

Citing the AMT 1.x

Majdak, P., Hollomey, C., and Baumgartner, R. (2022). "AMT 1.x: A toolbox for reproducible research in auditory modeling," Acta Acustica 6:19 [bibtex] [download]

Citing the AMT 0.x

Søndergaard, P. and Majdak, P. (2013). "The Auditory Modeling Toolbox," in The Technology of Binaural Listening, edited by Blauert, J. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg), pp. 33-56. [bibtex] [PDF]