Applies to version: 0.9.8

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DATA_GOUPELL2010 - Localization performance in sagittal planes


data = data_goupell2010(condition)
data = data_goupell2010(lat, dlat, condition)

Listener-specific experimental data from Goupell et al. (2010) testing localization performance in sagittal planes for various numbers of channels of a GET vocoder.

The condition flag may be one of:

'BB' Broadband DTFs (baseline condition). This is the default.
'CL' Click trains with unlimited number of channels
'N24' 24 vocoder channels
'N18' 18 vocoder channels
'N12' 12 vocoder channels
'N9' 9 vocoder channels
'N6' 6 vocoder channels
'N3' 3 vocoder channels

Output parameters

listener ID
experimental data matrix conaining 9 colums col 1: target azimuth col 2: target elevation col 3: response azimuth col 4: response elevation col 5: lateral angle of target col 6: polar angle of target col 7: lateral angle of response col 8: polar angle of response

References goupell2010numchan