Applies to version: 0.9.8

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DATA_MAJDAK2013CTC - Listener-specific localization in sagittal planes


data = data_majdak2013ctc(condition)
data = data_majdak2013ctc(lat, dlat, condition)

Output parameters
listener ID
experimental data matrix conaining 9 colums col 1: target azimuth col 2: target elevation col 3: response azimuth col 4: response elevation col 5: lateral angle of target col 6: polar angle of target col 7: lateral angle of response col 8: polar angle of response

data_majdak2013ctc(condition) returns listener-specific experimental data from Majdak et al. (2013) testing localization performance in sagittal planes for repeated HRTF measurements motivated by CTC binaural synthesis.

The condition flag may be one of:

'Learn' Last 300 trials of acoustical training with visual feedback.
'A' First HRTF measurement. This is the default.
'B' Second HRTF measurement.


P. Majdak, B. Masiero, and J. Fels. Sound localization in individualized and non-individualized crosstalk cancellation systems. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 133:2055-68, 2013.