Applies to version: 0.9.8

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baumgartner2014_sensorimotormapping - - Response scatter induced by localization task


[ri,rang] = baumgartner2014_sensorimotormapping(si)

Input parameters

ri response index

Output parameters

si similarity index
rang response polar angles

baumgartner2014_sensorimotormapping(...) performs polar-angle interpolation and emulates task-induced response scatter.

baumgartner2014_sensorimotormapping accepts the following optional parameters:

'polsamp',ps Define the polar-angle sampling of the acoustic data provided for the current sagittal plane. As default the sampling of ARI's HRTFs in the median SP is used, i.e., ps = [-30:5:70,80,100,110:5:210] degrees.
'rangsamp',rs Define the equi-polar sampling of the response predictions. The default is rs = 5 degrees.
'mrsmsp',eps Set the motoric response scatter eps within the median sagittal plane. Default value is 17 degrees.


R. Baumgartner, P. Majdak, and B. Laback. Modeling sound-source localization in sagittal planes for human listeners. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 136(2):791-802, 2014. [ DOI ]