Applies to version: 0.9.8

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dau1997_preproc - Auditory model from Dau et. al. 1997


[outsig, fc] = dau1997_preproc(insig,fs);
[outsig, fc] = dau1997_preproc(insig,fs,...);

Input parameters

insig input acoustic signal.
fs sampling rate.

dau1997_preproc(insig,fs) computes the internal representation of the signal insig sampled with a frequency of fs Hz.

[outsig,fc,mfc]=dau1997_preproc(...) additionally returns the center frequencies of the filter bank and the center frequencies of the modulation filterbank.

The model consists of the following stages:

  1. a gammatone filter bank with 1-erb spaced filtes.
  2. an envelope extraction stage done by half-wave rectification followed by low-pass filtering to 1000 Hz.
  3. an adaptation stage modelling nerve adaptation by a cascade of 5 loops.
  4. a modulation filterbank

Any of the optinal parameters for auditoryfilterbank, ihcenvelope and adaptloop may be optionally specified for this function. They will be passed to the corresponding functions.