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dietz2011_interauralfunctions - Interaural stages of Dietz 2011

Input parameters

insig input signal
fs sampling frequencies
fc center frequencies

Output parameters

outp Structure containing the output. See the description below.

Calculate interaural parameters like interaural transfer function (ITF), interaural phase difference (IPD), interaural time difference (ITD) and interaural coherence (IC) for the given input signals. The ITD is calculated by dividing the IPD by the instantaneous frequency of the signal. In addition lowpassed filtered version of the interaural parameters are calculated (ending with _lp) to simulate a finite time resolution of the binaural system.

The output structure outp contains the following fields:
itf : transfer function ipd : phase difference in rad itd : interaural time difference based on instantaneous frequency itd_C : interaural time difference based on center frequency f_inst_1 : instantaneous frequencies of left ear signal f_inst_2 : instantaneous frequencies of right ear canal signal f_inst : instantaneous frequencies (average of f_inst1 and 2) ic : interaural coherence rms : rms value of frequency channels for weighting ild_lp : based on low passed-filtered insig, level difference in dB ipd_lp : based on lowpass-filtered itf, phase difference in rad itd_lp : based on lowpass-filtered itf, interaural time difference itd_C_lp : based on lowpass-filtered itf, interaural time difference

The _lp values are not returned if the 'nolowpass' flag is set.

dietz2011_interauralfunctions accepts the following optional parameters:

 Applied compression of the signal on the cochlea with ^compression_power. The default value is 0.4.
 Temporal resolution of binaural processor in terms of cycles per frequency channel. The default value is 5.
 Sound pressure level of left channel. Used for data display and analysis. Default value is 70.
'lowpass' Calculate the interaural parameters of the lowpassed signal/ITF (_lp return values). This is the default.
'nolowpass' Don't calculate the lowpass based interaural parameters. The _lp values are not returned.


M. Dietz, S. D. Ewert, and V. Hohmann. Auditory model based direction estimation of concurrent speakers from binaural signals. Speech Communication, 53(5):592-605, 2011. [ DOI | http ]