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DEMO_TAKANEN2013 - Demo of the binaural model by Takanen, Santala and Pulkki

This script generates a figure showing the result of the binaural auditory model by Takanen, Santala and Pulkki (2013) for sound source distributions consisting of different number of sound sources simulated with HRTFs to emit incoherent samples of pink noise. The resulting activity map shows that the activation spreads as the width of the distribution increases, which is in accordance with the results of the psychoacoustical experiment by Santala and Pulkki (2011).

Optionally, pre-computed cochlear model outputs can be applied to significantly reduce the required computation time. The pre-computed cochlear model outputs can be obtained from the authors.


Output of the audiory model

The activity map.


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M. Takanen, O. Santala, and V. Pulkki. Perceptually encoded signals and their assessment. In J. Blauert, editor, The technology of binaural listening. Springer, 2013.