Applies to version: 1.0.0

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EXTRACTSP - Sagittal plane (SP) HRTFs from measurement data


[sphrtfs,polangs] = extractsp( lat,hM,pos )
[sphrtfs,polangs] = extractsp( lat,Obj )
[sphrtfs,polangs,latangs] = extractsp( lat,hM,pos )
[sphrtfs,polangs,latangs,idx] = extractsp( lat,hM,pos )
[sphrtfs,polangs,latangs] = extractsp( lat,Obj )
[sphrtfs,polangs,latangs,idx] = extractsp( lat,Obj )

Input parameters

lat lateral angle of the SP
Obj HRIR Data in SOFA format
hM matrix containing head-related impulse responses in ARI Format Dimensions: time,position,channel (for more details see doc: HRTF format description)
pos source-position matrix referring to 2nd dimension of hM and formated acc. to meta.pos (ARI format). 6th col: lateral angle. 7th col: polar angle

Output parameters

sphrtfs all available HRTFs in the current SP, sorted acc. to ascending polar angle
polangs corresponding polar angles (deg)
latangs corresponding actual lateral angles (deg)
idx index to the considered positions


extractsp(...) extracts all HRTFs available for a specific SP or lateral angle. In order to result in a representative HRTF template, demands are made on:

  1. lateral tolerance to be as small as possible, but min. 2 and max. 5.
  2. polar angles to range from max. -30 deg. to min. 210 deg.,
  3. gaps of polar angles to be max. 30 deg. large.