Applies to version: 1.0.0

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DATA_BAUMGARTNER2016 - Data from Baumgartner et al. (2016)


data = data_baumgartner2016(flag)

Output parameters

data data structure


The data structure contains the following fields:

'.id listener ID'

'.S listener-specific sensitivity parameter'

'.mrs listener-specific task-induced response scatter (derived'
from central lateral response precision in baseline condition)

'.Obj DTF data in SOFA Format'

'.pe_exp experimental local polar RMS error'

'.qe_exp experimental quadrant error rate'

'.target experimental target angles'

'.response experimental response angles'

'.itemlist experimental item list.'

The Columns of .itemlist denote:

'1:4 azi_target,ele_target,azi_response,ele_response'

'5:8 lat_target,pol_target,lat_response,pol_response'

'9' F/B-Confusion resolved pol_response

If the 'model'-flag is set the output contains also the following fields

'.S listener-specific sensitivity parameter.'

'.Obj DTF data in SOFA Format.'

'.pe_exp experimental local polar RMS error in baseline condition.'

'.qe_exp experimental quadrant error rate in baseline condition.'

'.target experimental target angles.'

'.response experimental response angles.'

'.stim target stimulus.'

'.fsstim sampling rate of target stimulus.'

data_baumgartner2016(flag) returns data from Baumgartner et al. (2016) describing a model for sound localization in sagittal planes (SPs) on the basis of listener-specific directional transfer functions (DTFs).

data_baumgartner2016 accepts the following flags:

'baumgartner2014' data of the pool from Baumgartner et al. (2014). This is the default.
'Long' 300ms at 50+-5dB SL.
'10dB' 3ms at 10+-5dB SL.
'20dB' 3ms at 20+-5dB SL.
'30dB' 3ms at 30+-5dB SL.
'40dB' 3ms at 40+-5dB SL.
'50dB' 3ms at 50+-5dB SL.
'60dB' 3ms at 60+-5dB SL.
'70dB' 3ms at 70+-5dB SL.
'all' All conditions stated above. Itemlists in cell array.
'ConditionNames' To receive cell array with all condition names.
'model' DTFs, sensitivities and test stimuli necessary for model predictions. Sensitivity paramters will be calibrated if calibration data does not exist or does not match the current setting of baumgartner2016.


  1. SOFA API from for Matlab (in e.g. thirdparty/SOFA)
  2. Data in hrtf/baumgartner2014 and hrtf/baumgartner2016
  3. Data in auxdata/baumgartner2016


To get all listener-specific data of the pool from Baumgartner et al. (2014), use:


To get all listener-specific data of the LocaLevel study, use: