Applies to version: 1.1.0

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sig_hofman1998 - - Stimuli from Hofman and Opstal (1998)


sig = sig_hofman1998(nprime,f0,Obj,azi,dur,condition)


sig_hofman1998 generates three types of stimuli having different spectro-temporal characteristics but identical long-term power spectra: 1) noise bursts, 2) frequency-modulated tones, and 3) trains of short noise bursts.

Input parameters

'',nprime Highest altered harmonic. Default is 0.
'',f0 Fundamental frequency. Default is 125 Hz.
'',Obj HRTFs as SOFA object.
'',azi Azimuth. Default is -37 deg.
'',dur Duration in seconds. Default is 0.1 s.
'',fs Sampling rate in Hz. Default is 48 kHz.

The condition flag may be one of:

'ILD' ILDs up to nprime set to zero. This is the default.
'ISLD' ISLDs (interaural spectral level differeces) maintained while flattening right-ear HRTF up to nprime.

Output parameters

'',sig signal wave form


P. M. Hofman and A. J. Van Opstal. Spectro-temporal factors in two-dimensional human sound localization. jasa, 103(2634), 1998. [ http ]