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Changes - throughout the release history of the AMT

Version 0.9.8 (12.7.2017)

Compatibility breaks:
  • amt* --> amt_*
    • Use amt_start to start the AMT
    • Legacy files provided but will be removed in the future.
    • amthelp --> amt_version
  • gfb --> hohmann2002. Legacy files provided. See note #11 for more details.

  • zilany2007humanized --> zilany2007. Legacy file provided.

  • drnl --> lopezpoveda2001. Legacy file provided.

  • modfilterbankepsm --> ewert2000. No legacy file.

  • HRTFs: only SOFA files allowed now.

  • Functions creating/modifying signals have the prefix sig_ now:
    • Legacy files provided but will be removed in the future. - irns --> sig_yost1996 - whitenoiseburst --> sig_whitenoiseburst - transposedtone --> sig_transposedtone - perfectsweep --> sig_linsweep - notchednoise --> sig_notchednoise - bmsin --> sig_lindemann1986 - simulatedimpulseresponse --> sig_joergensen2011 - itdsin --> sig_itdsin - ildsin --> sig_ildsin - itdildsin --> sig_itdildsin - competingtalkers -> sig_competingtalkers - breebaart2001siggen --> sig_breebaart2001 - bincorrnoise --> sig_bincorrnoise - bandpassnoisefreq --> sig_bandpassnoise
  • Model stages in modelstages have the format modelXX_stageYY now:
    • modelXXstageYY --> modelXX_stageYY
    • ffGn --> zilany2014_ffGn
    • breebaart2001preproc --> breebaart2001_preproc
    • No legacy files provided. Adapt your code if directly calling model stages from your code.
  • baumgartner2017: sound externalization model
  • baumgartner2016: level-dependent sagittal-plane sound localization model for NH and HI listeners
  • hohmann2002: the gfb_ framework of Gammatone filterbank integrated as hohmann2002 framework
  • kelvasa2015: sound localization in cochlear-implant listeners
  • emuexp: emulation of experiments using interative runs like 3-AFC
  • breebaart2001_centralproc: decision stage from Breebaart et al. (2001).
  • exp_breebaart2001: reproduces results from Breebaart et al. (2001) based on emuexp
  • model initiative: interface to the model initiative (Dietz et al. 2016)
Structural changes:
  • baumgartner2014 decomposed into model stages

  • exp_spille2013 merged into exp_dietz2011

  • directories re-structured:
    • main scripts of a model go to: model. They are called nameyear
    • scripts with model stages (model scripts other than the main one) go to: modelstages. They are called nameyear_postfix
    • scripts not being part of a specific model go to: general. They do not (!) start with model name.
    • scripts generating audio signals go to: signals. They are called sig_nameyear or sig_functionality
    • scripts returning measured data go to: data. They are called data_nameyear
    • scripts with default parameters of other scripts go to: defaults. They are called arg_callingfunction
    • files being compiled to mex files go to: mex. In order to be compiled, they must have the prefix comp_
    • files being compiled to oct files go to: oct
    • other files requiring compilation/installation go to: bin. Their compilation must be considered in make.bat (Windows) and Makefile (Linux/MacOS).
    • HRTFs go to hrtfs. They are in SOFA and will be downloaded on the fly.
    • Lagecy files providing backwards compatibility fo to: legacy
    • binaural, monaural, speech, filters removed
Other updates:
  • dietz2011: minor bug fixes
  • data_joergensen2011: completion of data
  • exp_baumgartner2014: new figures, compatibility improved
  • demo_hohmann2002: new figures
  • installation simplified (amt_mex does all the installation now)

Version 0.9.7 (10.6.2015)

  • Caching of data: see amt_cache and the cache directory.
  • Automatic download of auxiliary data. See amt_load and the auxdata directory.
  • Control for messages output in the command line. See amt_disp.
  • SOFA files for HRTFs: requires SOFA API, see SOFAload.
  • Models: zilany2014, joergensen2011, joergensen2013, georganti2013
  • Signals: sig_joergensen2011
  • Clean documentation (no errors, no warnings).
  • makefile for Linux, compiling of cpp files
Structure changes:
  • arg_ functions moved to arg directory, comp_ functions moved to mex, directory comp removed
  • plot* functions renamed to plot_* and moved to plot directory
  • amt_start and amt_mex improved
  • readme file for sourceforge added
  • reference directory removed (it was a directory with original contributions to the AMT)
Other changes:
  • interpolation for various polar-angle samplings
  • added new experiment in exp_baumgartner2014: fig5_baumgartner2015aro
  • stability improvements in baumgartner2014
  • minor bugfix in demo_baumgartner2013 and doc update in baumgartner2014
  • exp_lindemann1986: fig 14b disabled: it takes ages and is wrong anyway...
  • added reference for verhulst2012
  • wierstorf2013: additional files for HRTF handling removed, load the itd-to-angle look-up table with data_wierstorf2013.m now.
  • hrtf/enzner2008 removed (enzner2008 data are in auxdata now)
  • langendijk2002: data and HRTFs removed from repository (are required data)
  • changed the order of announcements on amt_start
  • jelfs2011: removed dependency on read_hrir
  • plotjelfs2011 moved to demo_jelfs2011.m (plotjelfs2011 was actually a demo).
  • progress output supressed in the documentation
  • amt_disp introduced for displaying information depending on the start-up condition of the AMT.
  • enzner2008 and exp_enzner2008 split in the model and experiment part.
  • exp_georganti2013 works for me. Documentation is missing yet.
  • may2011 documentation integrated
  • 2014 version of may2011 added. demo_may2011 works but documentation invalid yet.
  • extractsp: stability improvement
  • minor documentation and stability updates, new function baumgartner2014parametrization and functionalities in localizationerror added.
  • Fixed imag ILD in dietz2011
  • Added function to load some simulated monaural room impulses responses.
  • documentation updates and use of SOFA's remote load functionality in data_baumgartner2014.
  • major style overhaul of the Joergsen 2011 and 2013 models. Experiments included etc. Does not yet pass mat2doc, and sound files are missing.
  • localizationerror: new performance measures added
  • data_majdak2010 and ...2013ctc: Angles forced to be real valued.

Version 0.9.6

  • Gammatone validation provided, including exp_gammatone, demo_gammatone, exp_hohmann2002, and demo_hohmann2002
  • Wierstorf et al. (2013) provided, including wierstorf2013, exp_wierstorf2013, and integration with the SFS toolbox
  • data_goode1994: more details provided
  • jelfs2011 works now with SOFA HRTFs stored in hrtf/jelfs2011/, e.g., kemar.sofa
  • hohmann2007 naming resolved. hohmann2007 renamed to herzke2007, the primary model is called hohmann2002 now
  • localizationerror: missing error types added
  • exp_spille2013: uses lowpass f_inst
  • dietz2011 improved to better reflect the corresponding publications