Applies to version: 1.2.0

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DATA_GOUPELL2010 - Localization performance in sagittal planes


data = data_goupell2010(condition)
data = data_goupell2010(lat, dlat, condition)

Output parameters

data structure


The condition flag may be one of: 'BB Broadband DTFs (baseline condition). This is the default. 'CL Click trains with unlimited number of channels 'N24 24 vocoder channels 'N18 18 vocoder channels 'N12 12 vocoder channels 'N9 9 vocoder channels 'N6 6 vocoder channels 'N3 3 vocoder channels''''''''

The 'data' struct contains the following fields: '.id : listener ID '.mtx : experimental data matrix conaining 9 colums''

The columns contain: 'col1 target azimuth 'col2 target elevation 'col3 response azimuth 'col4 response elevation 'col5 lateral angle of target 'col6 polar angle of target 'col7 lateral angle of response 'col8 polar angle of response''''''''

Listener-specific experimental data from Goupell et al. (2010) testing localization performance in sagittal planes for various numbers of channels of a GET vocoder.


M. J. Goupell, P. Majdak, and B. Laback. Median-plane sound localization as a function of the number of spectral channels using a channel vocoder. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 127:990--1001, 2010.