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DATA_LYON2011 - Data for demo_lyon2011CompressiveFunction, demo_lyon2011ExcitationPattern, demo_lyon2011ImpulseResponses


data = data_lyon2011(varargin)

Output parameters

data structure


data_lyon2011(varargin) returns data from rhode1996, lopezpoveda2003, russel1997, ren2002, glasberg1990 and deboer2000 to compare with the results of the lyon2011 model.

The parameter varagin may be one of: rhode1996, lopezpoveda2003, russel1997, ren2002, glasberg1990 or deboer2000. See the references below for the corresponding papers.

The fields in the output data contain the following information:


physiological chinchila data at CF=500

  • L_animal_500hz
  • IO_animal_norm_500hz

psychoacoustic data at CF = 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz

  • L_psych_500hz
  • IO_ex_norm_500hz
  • L_psych_1khz
  • IO_ex_norm_1khz
  • L_psych_2khz
  • IO_ex_norm_2khz
  • L_psych_4khz
  • IO_ex_norm_4khz

physiological chinchila data

  • L_animal_4khz
  • IO_animal_norm_4khz

physiological data (Ren,2002), Fig. 1, panel A.

  • P_ex
  • Ex_30dB_norm

Experimentally-derived equation of Glasberg and Moore (1990)

  • f
  • QERB_exp

The QERBs derived from the impulse responses recorded by deBoer and Nuttal (2000), Fig. 1.

  • intensity_deBoer
  • QERB_deBoer


To get provided data from lopezpoveda2003, use

data = data_lyon2011('lopezpoveda2003')


I. Russel and K. Nilsen. The location of the cochlear amplifier: Spatial representation of a single tone on the guinea pig basilar membrane. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 94(6):2660--2664, 1997. [ http ]

E. Lopez-Poveda, C. J. Plack, and R. Meddis. Cochlear nonlinearity between 500 and 8000 hz in listeners with normal hearing. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 113(951), 2003. [ http ]

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B. R. Glasberg and B. Moore. Derivation of auditory filter shapes from notched-noise data. Hearing Research, 47(1-2):103--138, 1990.