Applies to version: 1.3.0

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amt_start - Start the Auditory Modeling Toolbox (AMT)




amt_start starts the AMT. This command must be run before using any of the function in the AMT.

amt_start('install') queries the user for yes/no to download and install all available third-party toolboxes. Then, it executes amt_mex to compile the binaries on the system.


AMT uses cache to store precalculated results because some of the AMT functions require a large processing time. Depending on the machine and the model, it might take even days. The global cache mode is controlled on start-up of the AMT. To change the global cache mode choose a flags:

'normal' Use cached package as far as possible. This is default. This is kind of demonstration mode and very convenient for fast access of results like plotting figures. This option, however, may by-pass the actual processing and thus does not always test the actual functionality of a model. If the cached package locally not available, downloaded from the internet. If remotely not available, enforce recalculation.
'cached' Enforce to use cached package. If the cached package is locally not available, it will be downloaded from the internet. If it is remotely not available, an error will be thrown.
'redo' Enforce the recalculation of the package. This option actually tests the calculations.
'localonly' Package will be recalculated when locally not available. Do not connect to the internet.

Many AMT functions support the cache mode as input flag in order to overwrite the global cache mode. See amt_cache for more details.

Auxiliary data

Most of the models require auxiliary data. The AMT will download these data on-demand. The download URL for the auxiliary data is given by amt_auxdataurl. The target directory for the auxiliary data is given by amt_auxdatapath. If you want to run the AMT offline, download the auxiliary data first.

Some of the auxiliary data are HRTFs. The AMT will download the HRTFs on-demand. The download URL for the HRTFs is given by SOFAdbURL. The target directory for the HRTFs is given by SOFAdbPath. If you want to run the AMT offline, download the HRTFs first.


The output of the messages to the command line can be controlled by one of the following flags:

'verbose' All output will be displayed. This is default.
'documentation' starts the AMT in the documentation compiling mode. The output of calculation progress will be suppressed.
'silent' All output will be suppressed.

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