Applies to version: 1.3.0

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PLOT_BAUMGARTNER2013 - plot probabilistic prediction matrixes



Input parameters

p prediction matrix containing probability mass vectors (PMVs) for the polar response angle as a function of the polar target angle (1st dim: response angle, 2nd dim: target angle)
rang polar response angles
tang polar target angles


plot_baumgartner2013(p,rang,tang) plots predicted PMVs referring to the polar response angles rang as a function of the target angles tang with gray color coded probabilities similar to Baumgartner et al. (2002). Actual response patterns from psychoacoustic experiments can be overlayed optionally.

h=plot_baumgartner2013(...) additionally returns the figure handle.

plot_baumgartner2013 accepts the following optional parameters:

'exptang',exptang Overlay actual response patterns with the experimetal polar target angles exptang.
'exprang',exprang Experimetal polar response angles exprang corresponding to exptang.
'MarkerSize',ms Set the marker (circles) size of the overlaying response pattern to ms. Default value is 6.
'cmax',cmax Set the maximum probability of the color code to cmax. Default value is 0.2.

plot_baumgartner2013 takes the following flags at the end of the line of input arguments:

'colorbar' Display the colorbar. This is the default.
'nocolorbar' Do not display the colorbar.


R. Baumgartner. Modeling sagittal-plane sound localization with the application to subband-encoded head related transfer functions. Master's thesis, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, June 2012. [ .pdf ]

R. Baumgartner, P. Majdak, and B. Laback. Assessment of Sagittal-Plane Sound Localization Performance in Spatial-Audio Applications, chapter 4, pages 93--119. Springer-Verlag GmbH, 2013.