Applies to version: 1.3.0

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PLOT_ROENNE2012_CHIRP - Plot Fig. 6 or 7 of Rønne et al. (2012)




plot_roenne2012_chirp(waveVamp, waveVlat) plots the output of roenne2012_chirp in the style of Fig. 6 or 7 of Rønne et al. (2012). Simulations are compared to data from Elberling et al. (2010).

The flag may be one of:

'twofig' Plot the amplitude and latency in two different plot windows. This is the default.
'subplot' Use subplot to position the window side-by-side
'amponly' Plot amplitude only.
'latonly' Plot latency only.

Please cite Rønne et al. (2012) and Zilany and Bruce (2007) if you use this model.


C. Elberling, J. Calloe, and M. Don. Evaluating auditory brainstem responses to different chirp stimuli at three levels of stimulation. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 128(1):215--223, 2010.

F. M. Rønne, T. Dau, J. Harte, and C. Elberling. Modeling auditory evoked brainstem responses to transient stimuli. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 131(5):3903--3913, 2012. [ DOI | http ]

M. S. A. Zilany and I. C. Bruce. Representation of the vowel (epsilon) in normal and impaired auditory nerve fibers: Model predictions of responses in cats. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 122(1):402--417, jul 2007.