Applies to version: 0.10.0

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amt_disp - AMT-specific overload of the function 'disp'



amt_disp(X); can be used to show message X in the command window. The output of amt_disp depends on the start-up configuration of the AMT.

When the AMT is started in the verbose mode (default mode), amt_disp will always display. When the AMT is started in the documentation mode, amt_disp will display only if no flag is provided. When the AMT is started in the silent mode, amt_disp will never display. See amt_start for further explanation on the start-up configurations.

amt_disp(X,'progress'); can be used as progress indicator. It will be shown during the normal operation but supressed when used to create the documentation.

amt_disp(X,'volatile'); can be used as volatile progress indicator. Any subsequent call of the amt_disp will delete the previous volatile message. This way a changing progress can be clearly shown even in loops. Not shown in the 'documentation' case.