Applies to version: 0.10.0

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EWERT2000 - - Modulation filterbank, EPSM version


[fcs,powers] = ewert2000(data,fig,fs)

Input parameters

freqs Frequencies of the data, starting from f = 0
data Powerspectrum data to be filtered.
fcs Centre frequencies of the filters
powers Integrated power at the output of each filter
Wcf Matrix containing the frequency-domain squared transfer function
fig flag for plotting fitler transferfunctions 1 = yes, 0 = no plotting

[fcs powers] = ewert2000(data,fig,fs) computes the EPSM-filterbank as presented by Ewert & Dau 2000, without the additional lowpass filter with a cut-off at 150 Hz. This implementation consists of a lowpass filter with a cutoff at 1 Hz, in parallel with 6 bandpass filters with octave spacing. the Center-frequencies of the bandpass filters are lower than the original from Ewert & Dau (2000). In each of the filters data is integrated within the pass-band of the filter to give the power within that filter.


S. Ewert and T. Dau. Characterizing frequency selectivity for envelope fluctuations. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 108(3):1181--1196, 2000.