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JOERGENSEN2011 - the speech-based envelope power spectrum model


output = joergensen2011(x,y,fs_input,IO_param)

output = joergensen2011(x,y,fs_input,IO_param) returns the output of signal-to-noise envelope-power (SNRenv) ratio using the multi-resolution speech-based envelope spectrum model (mr-sEPSM) described in Joergensen et al. (2013)

Input parameters

'',x noisy speech mixture
'',y noise alone
'',fs sample rate in Hz
'',IO_param (optional) vector with parameters for the ideal observer that converts the SNRenv to probability of correct, assuming a given speech material. It contains four parameters of the ideal observer formatted as [k q m sigma_s].

Output parameters

The SNRenv
The probability of correct given the SNRenv. This field is only included if IO_param is specified. Its calculation requires the Statistics ToolBox.

The model consists of the following stages:

  1. A gammatone bandpass filterbank to simulate the auditory filters
  2. An envelope extraction stage via the Hilbert Transform
  3. A modulation filterbank
  4. Computation of the long-term envelope power (output.SNRenv)

5) A decision mechanism based on a statistically ideal observer (output.P_correct)


S. Joergensen and T. Dau. Predicting speech intelligibility based on the signal-to-noise envelope power ratio after modulation-frequency selective processing. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 130(3):1475--1487, 2011.