Applies to version: 1.3.0

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PLOT_JOERGENSEN2011 - Plot Fig. 5 or 6 of Joergensen and Dau (2011)




plot_joergensen2011(dSRT) plots the output of joergensen2011 in the style of Fig. 5 or 6 of Joergensen and Dau (2011).

The flag may be one of:

'fig5' : The measured change in SRT (open squares), averaged across 6 normal-hearing listeners, as a function of the reverberation time, T30. The mean SRT in the reference condition was -3 dB. Model predictions are indicated by the filled squares. The linear correlation coefficient (q) and RMSE is indicated in the upper left corner.
'fig6' : DSRT (left ordinate) as a function of the over-subtraction factor a for 4 normal-hearing listeners (open squares) and sEPSM predictions (filled squares). The right ordinate (with a reversed scale) shows the corresponding sSTI values as filled gray circles. These values are, however, not converted to DSRT values since these would be outside the left ordinate scale.