Applies to version: 1.3.0

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PLOT_STMODSPECGRAM - Spectro-Temporal Modulation spectrogram




plot_stmodspecgram(f,fs) plots the modulation spectogram of the signal f sampled at a sampling frequency of fs Hz.

C=plot_stmodspecgram(f,fs, ... ) returns the image to be displayed as a matrix. Use this in conjunction with imwrite etc.

The function takes the following additional arguments

'win',g Use the window g. See the help on gabwin for some possiblities. Default is to use a Gaussian window controlled by the 'thr' or 'wlen' parameters listed below.
'tfr',v Set the ratio of frequency resolution to time resolution. A value \(v=1\) is the default. Setting \(v>1\) will give better frequency resolution at the expense of a worse time resolution. A value of \(0<v<1\) will do the opposite.
'wlen',s Window length. Specifies the length of the window measured in samples. See help of PGAUSS on the exact details of the window length.
'image' Use imagesc to display the spectrogram. This is the default.
'clim',clim Use a colormap ranging from clim(1) to clim(2). These values are passed to imagesc. See the help on imagesc.
'dynrange',r Use a colormap in the interval [chigh-r,chigh], where chigh is the highest value in the plot.
'fmax',fmax Display fmax as the highest frequency.
'mfmax',mfmax Display mfmax as the highest modulation frequency.
'smfmax',smfmax Display smfmax as the highest spectral modulation frequency.
'xres',xres Approximate number of pixels along x-axis / time.
'yres',yres Approximate number of pixels along y-axis / frequency
'contour' Do a contour plot to display the spectrogram.
'surf' Do a surf plot to display the spectrogram.
'mesh' Do a mesh plot to display the spectrogram.
'colorbar' Display the colorbar. This is the default.
'nocolorbar' Do not display the colorbar.
'interp' Interpolate the image to get the desired x-resolution. Turn this off by using 'no_interp'

The parameters 'dynrange', 'mfmax' and 'smfmax' may be speficied first on the argument line, in that order.


T. Elliott and F. Theunissen. The modulation transfer function for speech intelligibility. PLoS Computational Biology, 5(3), 2009.