Applies to version: 0.9.9
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AMT - Online documentation


This is the most complete, and up-to-date description of the AMT. It consists of auto-generated documentation of all models and other functions included in the AMT. This documentation is directly included in the M-files.

New to the AMT? Read the documentation of amt_start to learn how to install.

The current status of the models can be found in the section "Models" at this website.

Changes from previous AMT versions ca be found in changes.

Start and installation

  • amt_start - Start the AMT. Read this documentation to learn how to install and start the AMT.
  • amt_mex - Install binaries of the AMT (compile Mex, Oct, and other files).

General functions

  • amt_load - Load auxiliary data (and download if required).
  • amt_disp - Display text in the command window. disp replacement in the AMT, the format depends on the start-up flags
  • amt_cache - Store and access cached data.
  • amt_flags - Get the start-up flags of the AMT.

Paths and URLs

For help, bug reports, suggestions etc. please send an email to